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Workshop: Fostering A Culture of Consent in Theater

This workshop is designed specifically for the ASUSF College Players at the University of San Francisco to address consent, respect, and provide some bystander intervention training, specifically in a theatre context. The workshop will focus on skill development and support for the students at the University of San Francisco. TAC will provide written resources, as well as take participants through several practical activities and suggestions for adaptive rehearsal hall practices over the course of this three-hour workshop.


  • Identify how society perpetuates harmful messages about consent, relationships and sexual violence 
  • Understand how these prevailing attitudes affect our theatre practices
  • Learn and practice skills/tools that can prepare folx to recognize when and how to be active bystanders 


  1. Welcome/Introductions

  2. Spheres of Influence

  3. Activity: Practicing Consent in the rehearsal hall

  4. The Four D’s of Bystander Intervention

  5. Understanding Harassment

  6. Barriers to intervention - How theatre training can blur lines

  7. Activity: Bystander Scenarios

  8. Accountability Model

  9. Additional Resources